Hey all!
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And some more fun news...
About a month and a half ago, I listed my various wrapped ornament set on my Etsy shop.  I got some immediate response from them, increasing my traffic drastically! 
Not long later, I was contacted by a woman from NYC, who was with the company Food52.  This summer they opened a shop section of their mostly food-related website that features various items created by people from all over.
They were interested in working with me to sell some Christmas ornaments for their holiday decor collection in November!
So after lots of communicating, pricing, thinking, and craziness, we developed this collection for them to feature!
It has been a learning experience, (and caused plenty of stress) but it's fun to see your product featured on a big company's website such as this!
Here's a link to the homepage of Provisions, if anyone is interested.

Thanks so much to all of you for your support as well!
This last month has truly been crazy for me, but things are settling down, stress levels are lowering, and my house is SLOOWWLY getting back in shape.

Don't forget...last day to sign up for the giveaway!



11/15/2013 22:39

Very cool!! I had to go find them :) Congrats!

12/21/2013 16:36

This is so neat! I love Food52...congrats!! I hope your collection sells well!


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