Sewing hasn't happened real often these days. My three kids tend to fill up my days pretty quickly!  Not only that, but Vayah now shares a room with my sewing room.  So when she's napping and I SHOULD be able to work on projects, I can't go in there. Something might need to change with that!
Not too long ago though, I needed to make some hats for a coming baby, and got a little carried away! Made...several! :)
I actually think I missed taking pictures of a couple too, but you got the idea. Finally the weather is warming up enough to melt all the snow here in MN, so we wont' need hats much longer! Love it!
I think we'll be taking a walk to the park today... hope your day is lovely also!

Another hat for Rystin made from repurposed T-shirts
This hat started out like this, but I made it a bit small, so I added the red and white panels to each side and thought it turned out better in the end.
My darling, blue eyed boy!
May God be with you this week, and always!
                            A hat made for a friend...modeled by Rystin
      Enjoying making all these hats...they make great gifts for others too!
I think this is one of my favorite hats for Rystin.
Unfortunately I must not have been thinking straight because I didn't get a picture of him wearing this one either and now he's grown out of it :(
I'm going to have to do better in the future!
I've had quite a few people asking about if I am going to sell hats on my site.  I'm not going to promise anything at this point, but I DO plan to give it a try eventually. Right now I'm enjoying practicing on my boys and my patient friends who don't mind a few minor imperfections.  I do not claim to be a professional sewer by any stretch, but I do like to have lots of practice at something before I sell it. 
This is both a good and bad thing, because there are SO many things I would like to do.  For example:
-sew more hats
-try new recipes
-exercise more
-come up with activities for my kids
-crochet another blanket
-sew clothes for myself
-and my boys
-get together with friends more
-repurpose furniture
-sew things for my house
and on and on it goes!  And when you have so many interests  in such different areas (and two little boys!!), it's hard to stick to one specific thing or make time to really just learn it.  And with my hats... I tend to change them up and do something a little different every time! One of these days I'll hit it hard and make a bunch to sell!  So keep your eye out!
I've definitely been a bit obsessive with this repurposing old clothes though!  I've been going through closets, buying things from garage sales, and even looking at clothes I buy thinking 'how can I use this once it has a hole or stain?!'  :)  It's so fun and much cheaper than buying lots of different fabric, plus you can make such unique things with all the different colors and fabrics.  So keep coming back to check out the things I've come up with (I have two more things to post soon)! 
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Another hat for my little boy
This is more of a night-cap style hat, which my hubby thought was a bit silly :) But I thought it looked so cute on Rystin! :)
All these super cute professional pics are credited to my
dear photography friend: Phyllis R.
She needs a blog so I can link you up and show you her
other great work...don't you think!?

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Here's another hat I made for Rystin. 
This one is from one of my old sweatshirts so it is thicker and warmer.  Unfortunately, I am good at making hats a bit small, so he wasn't able to wear it real long and I didn't get any pictures of him in it :(  Anyone need a newborn size hat with an "R" initial!? ;)
I'm going to have to do better at getting pics of my boys in the hats I make them so I can post them for you!
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Since a bit before Rystin was born, I have developed another addiction...
I've made quite a few for Rystin, as well as one for Skyler.
I use old clothes and recycle them into these fun hats!
I'll do posts for each hat, so look for more coming in the future.
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