So it's been what, over a week since I last posted! Shame on me! And I can't even use the 'busy' excuse...because I haven't really been busy!  Pretty much just been sitting around fighting colds (mine and Sky's).  I still need to do my Pink Recipe for this week. Why do I always seem to put these projects off so long!? 

  I'm also needing ideas.  Awhile back, my little boy knocked over this mirror.  It hit him in the head so I quickly reached down to grab him, stepping on the back of the mirror.  Resulting in...
  So because of my 'need to create with everything I own', I can't just throw it away! I'm trying to figure out what I can make with broken mirror pieces! :)  Any ideas?!  Hopefully I'll have some wicked cool project to show you with it sometime, but right now, I can't think of anything!
Whisper of Joy:
Half the joy of life is in little
things taken on the run.  Let us
run if we must - even the sands
do that - but let us keep our
hearts young and our eyes open
that nothing worth our while shall
escape us.  And everything is worth
its while if we only grasp it and its
-C. Victor Cherbuliez
  Ok, I admit it... this 'creative' project took me all of... 45 seconds to do!  Which doesn't really reflect well on my 'artistic' ability, but it may be a great time saver and entertaining thing for kids to do!  I saw the idea here, and bought supplies to make a bunch of them.  They would make a neat treat for a birthday party favor or just for your kids to have water fights outside with this summer! 
Supplies Needed:
                                             -4 Rectangle Sponges
              (packs can be found almost anywhere including the dollar store!)
                                               -Plastic Zip-Ties
That's it! Simple, Fun, and Fast!
Cut the sponges into strips of 3-4 the long way, depending on the size.  Make them close to 1" wide.
Put them sponges all together and squeeze them tight in the middle.
Tie them together with a zip-tie as tightly as you can.
  Spread the ends around and make it look somewhat round.  There are so many ways you could use this idea and make them super cute! Like adding a little bath toy onto it and using it for a scrubby in the tub... or making it into a flower type design and use it as a accent on a gift (especially for kids!)... and the list goes on an on!  And since I have been wanting to share this idea and happened to have some PINK sponges on hand... ah ha!  I'll just 'cheat' and do something super easy! I mean, who said the challenge had to be something hard that takes 3 days to finish!?  :)
  So I HAVE still been creating. I just haven't had the success I'd like to have lately! Yesterday I made a skirt for myself.  Now it's a shirt.  The skirt was sad.  No, believe me... it looked like a frumpy sack hanging around my waist.  I didn't even dare take a picture!  Maybe some day I'll make another attempt!  So then I decided to make a shirt out of it.  Still not totally impressed.
  For one thing, I think I used that wrong material, plus it ended up being a little snug, so once I wash it, it might not be wearable any longer. At least not by me!  All this was a frustrating learning process.  Not a great day yesterday.  I did a few things a little wrong, so now it's more of an 'inside out' style. ;)  Doesn't look horrible... but I'll most likely just wear it under something else.  The pictures are also horrible.  Must have had bad lighting... doesn't show the color well at all.
  I like the ruffled neckline idea... but it turned out looking better with the seam showing than without.  Once again... I think part of it was the fabric. I also did a little layering thing around the bottom of the shirt... didn't turn out as I planned, but I like the idea.
  This is my favorite part.  I hope to use this on other things in the future.  I guess once I get all these techniques down I could probably use everything in the future!  But this rose is what I like best! :)  I got the idea from Ruffles and Roses

The (somewhat) bad day yesterday wasn't help by the fact that both Sky and I have nasty colds.  I am feeling somewhat better today, so I'm hoping we'll be over this soon.  I was tempted to take a picture of his nose this morning, but I'd probably gross you all out and scare away my readers.  I refrained.  Poor little guy.

So the worst thing is when you're not feeling great, and neither is your baby, and you're feeling guilty for not getting much done around the house.  So today I decided it's the 'do nothing and don't feel guilty' day here!  I'm just going to relax (sleeping in SUPER late with Sky was nice!), spend time with Sky, and only do stuff I feel like doing or have to do.  Supper is in the crock pot, so that's covered for when my hubby gets home.  He didn't get to join us in the do nothing day! 

I'm also having a Tupperware Party next week!  If any of my readers are interested, you can order from me online.  Just email me and I'll send you an invite link so you can place your order!

Hope you all have a great day! It's BEAUTIFUL outside here in the Pacific Northwest, so we may have to go enjoy that! I also should* work on my Pink Project for this week!
*Should, meaning IF I feel like it today! :)

  God bless!        
  I finished it! Yay! :)  I actually DIDN'T end up going with my idea with the picture in my previous post.  I pulled out material I got quite a few months ago that I planned to make a blanket out of and decided to just get that completed!  It's not really just pink... but good enough for me!  So this is my Pink Craft for the Color my World Challenge.
  It's the softest thing EVER... the black and white floral print is that Cuddle material that is just amazing! I plan to make some mini blankies with my extra fabric. This one measures approximately 35" x 43". 
 Now I just need to have 'my girl' so that I can use it! BUT since I don't know if that will happen, I will probably end up giving this as a gift to some sweet little princess.  Unless of course someone here decides that they'd like to buy it. In that case, email me and I'll figure out a price for you! :)
It's the creative bug.
It's disappeared, vanished, gone!
TOO much bug spray.
  You understand... those of you who love to create.  Sometimes it's there... like a plague.  In full force.  Project after project fills your mind, you itch to get to your craft room and start creating.  Then life gets busy.  You push the thoughts aside, get distracted, and stop creating (or at least for a time).  Then you come back.  And the bug has flown.  This PINK project for the week that I'm supposed to be creating.... stumped.  Oh there are ideas flitting around here and there. Just glimpses. Lame. Boring. Ho Hum.  I had to laugh because I don't know if any of you ever have listened to AIO?  Well anyhow, I still do sometimes while I'm messing around on the computer or sewing up a storm.  The episode today... 'Pink is not my Color'. Had to laugh!  SO I'm hoping this doesn't continue to be a problem... and pink becomes my color soon!
  I'm playing with some ideas with this photo... or any of our other engagement photos.  Since I'm wearing pink... I'm thinking I can maybe... somehow... hmm... we'll see.  Might do something different altogether.  Check back later.

Whisper of Joy for today:
     [God] knows everything about us.
     And He cares about everything.
     Moreover, He can manage every
     situation.  And He loves us!
     Surely this is enough to open the
     wellsprings of joy... And joy is
     always a source of strength.
           -Hannah Whitall Smith
  Whispers of Joy has been featured!
Wee Decor is a darling website featuring various nursery decor ideas. 
The Frame that Name products are darling in children bedrooms, and are sampled here:
  A quote from the 'Whispers of Joy' Book:

Daily duties are daily joys,
because they are something
which God gives us to offer unto
Him, to do our very best,
in acknowledgment of His love.
-Edward Bouverie Pusey
The new Perfect Paci sets are listed!
  I've once again been bombarded with needs.  Ok... wants.  I was bloggering (ok, what's the word for blog 'surfing' anyways) on different craft blogs last night, and I wanted to drop everything and run to the nearest fabric store!! There are SOO many fun projects out there that I WANT WANT WANT to do!!  I went to bed a little unsettled, with ideas running through my mind, wishing I had the budget to just go get whatever I needed to create all these fun things! 
  I actually mentioned feeling this way not long ago, in a previous post about decorating my home.  That feel of discontentment creeps up and you without warning, and soon, you just want, want, want.  Or, in my mind, need, need, need!  Well laying in bed, I reached for my daily devotional and noticed the verse for the day, Hebrews 13:5!!  How fitting!  And I didn't even realize until this morning, that is the same verse I posted last time about this subject. :)  Then, browsing the internet a bit ago, I ran into it again.  (OK... I'm listening!!)
Hebrews 13:5 KJV
Let your conversation be without covetousness; and be content with such things as ye have: for he hath said, I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee.
  So let us all (myself mostly) remember to be content with where we are in life.  Be content with what we have.  Be content with who we are.  Always striving, always growing and learning, but always content.

Wanted to add a little summer to your day, with the colorful flower photos.  They were actually taken on our honeymoon, the summer of '08. 

Also, keep checking back here! I plan on working on getting some new designs up for the Perfect Pacis!! It's my main project for today, so I'm hoping to get a good start on it.  Yes, I am the type to have 18 projects going at once (give or take), and eventually have to force myself to just finish one thing before I can start another.  This would be why my "new January products" never happened. Oops!   I'd better get busy! :) 
   God bless your day, and grant you the contentment you need!
 February is PINK month! Check out our Color Challenge and join us! Here are some of my favorite pink things.
-Please Note: I do not have a daughter, therefore, my selection of pink around this house is limited.  Mostly limited to my craft room in fact! And my box of some day clothes for a girl! :)